How do we save you money?

We offer you the exact same products of the same quality as the big chain stores and health shops at as much as 50% less than the prices you can typically expect to pay.

How is that possible you may well ask? We source our products from the very same suppliers as the expensive brand-name products you see in the health shops or supermarkets.

We buy in bulk quantities however to get the best possible cost price.

We don’t waste money on glitzy packaging

We don't waste money on advertising

We only sell in economical quantities. (Quantities or package sizes which give you the best value for your money, the most product of the same or better quality for the least money) We will never offer you the ever smaller and smaller packages of products the shops and supermarkets are putting out for sale. Do yourself the favour and calculate the price per kilo of the products in these shrinking packages. You will often pay DOUBLE what you would have paid, had you bought a larger package. Convenience may be wonderful but is it worth paying 100% more for it?

You benefit from all these measures by saving money whilst getting the same quality at the best possible price!

You may have to buy a slightly larger quantity than you have been getting from the health shop until now, but most of our products are suitable for longer term storage. Alternatively, if our packaged quantities are a bit bigger than you would like or need you could share an order with friends and have them benefit from the savings!

When comparing prices please check that you are comparing the same quantities!

We do not pack in weird quantities like 340g or 675g to confuse you and make it hard to calculate what the actual cost per kilogram is. Many brandname products are purposely packed like this (because they’re expensive!) so you won’t easily realize how much you are actually paying per kilogram.

We only pack in quantities that are easy to cost calculate, usually from 1kg to 5kg. If the product requires smaller quantities we will package it in increments that are easy to convert to cost per kilogram so you can compare our prices. This also makes it easy for you to see the real price of a product.