Practical packaging

ALL our products are packaged in practical, sturdy 1kg resealable ZIPLOCK bags for your convenience. If you order 5kg of a product, you will receive 5 x 1kg bags. This is easier for you to handle, store and use. It reduces waste and the risk of spoilage of a large quantity of product..

It also makes it easier for you to combine orders with friends and family. Order 5kg of a product to get the lowest possible price per kg. You will receive 5 x 1kg packets which makes it easy share with family and friends. You will not have to repack anything. Everyone can just get the number of 1kg packets they ordered.This way you can all benefit from the better pricing by your ordering 5kg.  

Our sturdy, resealable Ziplock Kraft bags have polyfoil linings to ensure long term freshness. Keeping the zipper closed seals in the goodness by protecting your valuable product against moisture, oxygen and critters. The bag has a flat base so it will stand upright on your shelves or when in use, preventing spillage and offering you a superior storage solution.

                both bags

                      Resealable 1kg Ziplock Bag            Polyfoil lining for freshness