Coconut Full Fat Meal 2Kg FREE delivery

Coconut Full Fat Meal 2Kg FREE delivery

Retail R 279.00

Coconut Full Fat Meal 2Kg @ R119 per Kg

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Our Coconut Full Fat Meal is dessicated coconut which has been ground into a fluffy, moist flour. It retains much of the beneficial fats which naturally occur in coconut as it has not been pressed to remove any oil.

This product has completely different attributes from that of regular coconut flour

Works very well in a 50/50 mix with our coconut flours, yielding lighter and more moist baked goods

It is naturally gluten free.

Very useful for tasty, healthier baking and eating. 

ALL our products are packaged in practical, sturdy 1Kg resealable ZIPLOCK bags for your convenience. When you order 5Kg of a product, you will receive 5 x 1Kg bags.

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What can I substitute?

Coconut flour is a unique product and does not readily lend itself to direct substitution. If you’re not a master grain-free baker, it’s usually best to look for a recipe specifically calling for whatever flour you’re looking for, instead of trying to substitute one for another.

How do I store it?

Keep Coconut flour in an airtight container away from moisture. In the freezer it will keep for many months.